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Used Halogenerators for Sale

NEW Listing! Great Pice!

2 SALT FX® Pro Halogenerators

$3250 Each

The SALT FX® Pro manufactured for Salt Chamber by Prizma is the Rolls Royce of halogenerators! Designed to provide effective and consistent dry salt therapy (halotherapy) to rooms up to 450 sq. ft. in size, the SALT FX® Pro is one of the most technologically advanced halogenerators on the market, yet its simple design and ease-of-use make it one of the most reliable, durable, and quietest on the market.

We have two of these generators for sale. They were installed new in NYC in January 2020. Unfortunately, NYC closed for COVID in March 2020 and the deteriorating economic climate in NYC meant that our business was closed permanently in May 2021. Sold separately or together, our two SALT FX® Pro halogenerators were gently used for less than a year in total.

  • UL Listed and CE Certified
  • Are manufactured by a medical device facility
  • Consistently provides halotherapy standards of 5 to 25 mg of sodium chloride per cubic meter ranging in particle size from 1 micron to a sub-micron level of 0.3 microns
  • Comply with QS/ISO quality standards


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HALO FX™ Halogenerator

Preowned Halotherapy Generator in new,  great condition!
Generator has been properly maintained as suggested by the manufacturer.  Developed by Global Halotherapy Solutions, the
HALO FX™ Halogenerator delivers powerful and reliable performance for every type of Dry Salt Therapy session. Designed to be lightweight and sleek, it is easily installed in salt rooms of any size. The HALO FX™ can be customized for any skin or lung condition, thanks to its numerous adjustable pre-set programs. Virtually maintenance free, it is also quiet and simple to operate. 

Salt Rooms for Sale


Salt Room Business for Sale in Bayport, NY

For Sale Turn Key Salt/Halo Therapy Facility. Multiple rooms including, Reception and boutique area, a large children’s salt room, an adult salt room and a room with 2 individual wooden salt booths. All rooms have a Multi Salt FX Halogeneragtor as well as the booths. All halogenerators are Bluetooth capable.
We utilize Mindbody Software for scheduling clients.  Established client base located in Bayport, New York. The business would pair perfectly with a medical professional.

The #1 Halogenerator Salt

Used Salt Booths and Cabins for Sale 

HaloBooth – Immaculate Condition


Used Salt Beds for Sale

Salt Bed – Unbeatable Price – Must Sell!

  • Measures 86″L x 36.5″W x 46.8″D closed
  • Weighs 250 pounds and comes fully assembled
  • Spacious cover to prevent any claustrophobia
  • Circulates outside air into the chamber
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlets
  • Built-in stereo sound speakers with iPod/MP3 jack
  • Ambient color-changing sensory lights built-in
  • Heated double bottom
  • UV sanitary light built in
  • Very lightly used
  • Works like new
  • Located in Canada
My clinic bought the Salt Bed in 2016 for our resident homeopath to be used by her patients with cancer. Unfortunately she didn’t end up utilizing it to the degree that we had hoped for (maybe half a dozen times).

Used Salt Room Decor for Sale

Himalayan Salt Panels 22″ x 22″ ($60/each) – NJ


Used Spa Equipment for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Himalayan Pink Salt For Salt Room – SOLD

  • 30 bags of approximately 30 lbs of Himalayan Pink Salt Sand
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Salt
  • IIRIS-63 Halogenerator
Salt Lamps in different sizes and shapes, cooking blocks, Himalayan salt candle holders, massage stones, salt tequila glasses are available for sale due to excess inventory.

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