Halogenerator for Salt Cabins

HaloGX Pro™

The most effective, reliable and affordable halogenerator for salt rooms, cabins and booths.
  • Next generation gravity technology
  • Designed and optimized for individual halotherapy
  • HaloGX has less moving parts and electronics compared to traditional halogenerators, resulting in the quietest operation and unparalelled reliability

√ Free SanasalRX halotherapy salt

Performance and Reliability

  • Patented technology that is simple and simply genius:
    – Smaller particles
    – Less waste
    – Significantly reduced noise and vibration
    – Unbeatable reliability

  • Up to 200 sq. ft. room. Very easy wall installation.

  • New compressed air technology for smallest, micron-sized salt particles in the industry

  • Self-cleaning mill and non-rusting feeder

  • 5 Year Warranty
How to install halogenerator in salt cabin

Halogenerator Salt that Brings  Results

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