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Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna Combo

The only Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna combination specifically designed to incorporate these two modalities.

  • Special halogenerator suited for high temperature
  • Protected sauna heaters for long life


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Salt Booths & Cabins

Halobooths are ideal for smaller spaces, great for business or home use, and are easy to operate and maintain.
These units are great alternatives to salt rooms because there are no modifications or contractors required.

DIY Salt Cabins and Booths

• Build your Salt Cabin, Salt Booth
• Convert your Sauna into a Salt Cabin
• Diversify your business, offer Salt Therapy

  • Free Consultation on how to build your own halotherapy cabin, and on marketing
  • Free SanasalRX Halogenerator Salt
  • Free UVC Light for sanitization

Are you using the right salt?

Sanasal halogenerator salt blend for salt therapy

Start your Business

We can help you with

  • The construction of a salt room or salt cave
  • Buying an established salt therapy business
  • Consultation
  • Marketing
  • Website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media


We offer superior services and solutions in the design and development of Salt Therapy rooms and facilities. Our dedicated team strives to offer the best solutions for your home or business. We are committed to understanding your individual needs and delivering a solution that best meets and exceeds your expectations.

Pre-Owned Products

We buy and sell used:

  • Halogenerators

  • Salt Décor

  • Himalayan Salt Panels

  • Clean Salt Bricks & Tiles

  • Salt Chunks

  • Salt for Floor

  • Chairs

  • UV Systems

DIY Salt Décor

• Salt Panels
• Himalayan Salt Walls
• Salt Bricks, Tiles Chunks

√ Free E-Book – “DIY Himalayan Salt Wall Without Adhesives”



In the U.S. alone, there are roughly 800+ facilities that are offering Dry Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) today. With the increase of awareness this number is steadily growing every day. Just a few years ago Spa Finder Trend Report predicted Dry Salt Therapy would be a top spa trend and they were right. This is because more and more people are gravitating to this new wellness therapy and experiencing the noticeable effects it has on their health.



Salt-Care offers in-depth knowledge about Dry Salt Therapy and explains how it works and why it works. We are passionate about Halotherapy and we love to share our knowledge. Contact us to find out more about us and our new and used Halotherapy products.


We take great pride in the way we care for our customers. If you have a question about the equipment or need quick troubleshooting assistance, we are here to take away your worries and offer solutions to your problems.

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