Salt Room Décor

Salt Rooms & Decoration


  • Salt room construction

  • Consultation

  • Design, Virtual rendering

  • HVAC design

  • Himalayan salt bricks and plates

  • Salt chunks, floor salt

  • Salt panels

Salt Panels


  • Easy installation

  • Unlimited design possibilities

  • No frame required

For Business or Home Application

Salt panels, as seen in this picture, provide a salt to air contact surface equivalent to 60 regular salt lamps or more. It will dramatically improve the rooms air quality that is clearly noticeable. Background lighting can be added for ambience.

Himalayan Salt Brick Walls

  • Traditional Himalayan Salt Brick Walls
  • DIY Salt Walls – Bricks are reusable
    – This patent-pending design allows you to relocate, redesign or resell your investment
    – No adhesives or mortar will ruin your Himalayan salt bricks

DIY Salt Wall

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