We Buy and Sell Used Halogenerators, Salt Booths, Salt Cabins, Salt Beds and Salt Room Decoration


Well maintained and thoroughly inspected previously used halogenerators. Most are  still under warranty.

  • HaloFX
  • Prizma (also marketed as SaltFX)
  • HaloMed
  • Iris
  • And other brands

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Self Containing Units

Add halotherapy to your business and save!
We sell and buy used:

  • Salt Cocoons
  • Salt Beds
  • Salt Cabins
  • Salt Booths

Get a Full Return on Partial  Investment  

Salt Panels

These timeless and gorgeous previously used salt panels are now ready to light up a new place.

  • Easy installation
  • Great decorative value

Himalayan Salt Bricks and Chunks

  • Salt-Care sells and buys clean used Himalayan salt bricks and plates
  • Himalayan salt chunks from small to large

Opening or Selling a Salt Room or Salt Cave?

  • Let us know!

  • We may have sellers and buyers in your area

UV-C Sanitation Systems

We buy high-intensity professional grade UV Light disinfecting systems

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