DIY Salt Cabins

How to Build your Salt Cabin

Salt cabins and chambers are great alternatives to salt rooms

  • Substantially less investment
  • Custom size to fit your spa. Easy construction
  • Can be relocated (saving your investment)
  • Don’t require expensive HVAC modifications, permits
  • No worries about salt corrosion in the building
  • Private setting
  • More effective therapy

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Convert a Sauna to a Salt Cabin

  • Converting saunas to salt cabins is a very popular trend

  • Save thousands

  • Add extra revenue

  • More effective salt therapy

  • More services to offer and advertise

  • Free Consultation

How to convert sauna to salt cabin or booth


Free with any Halogenerator purchase 

  • Salt cabin design, building and materials
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using salt décor
  • Seating arrangements for salt cabins or sauna combos to guarantee the most comfort and usability  
  • Halogenerator placement and installation
  • Proper ventilation
  • Design to save time on cleaning and maintenance
  • UVC Disinfection
  • Chromotherapy and lighting 
  • Sound
  • Temperature control

√ Free SanasalRX halogenrator salt

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