Halogenerator Salt


  • Removes more mucus

  • Easier breathing within minutes

  • Clearer sinuses and airways

  • Substantially quicker and better results

  • Raised pH in the lungs and bronchi without effects on exhaled CO2

  • More happy and returning customers

  • Used at hundreds of business in the US

The most effective halogenerator salt used in

  • Salt Rooms

  • Salt Cabins

  • Salt Booths

  • Salt Caves

  • Salt Beds

  • Neti Pots

  • Home Salt Thearapy

How SanasalRX works


halogenerator salt

Pharmaceutical Sodium Bicarbonate

– Removes more mucus
– Raises the PH level, neutralizes acidity
– Reduces bronchial asthma secretion stickiness

Cineole - Eucaliptol

– Analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature, has plenty of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities
– Cineole can lead to a notable improvement in lung function and to reduce dyspnea in asthma client

Infused Mint

– Easier breathing
– Helps cleaning the airways quickly
– Calms skin irritation and itchiness, reduces redness