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 Halogenerator - The Key to Effective Salt Therapy

In our fast paced society, where it often seems there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we need to do, active salt rooms offer fast and effective results.

Without question, passive salt rooms -without halogenerators-, also called speleotherapy, have a deep and relaxing impact on people where therapeutic effects can be achieved with patience and consistency over time. Unfortunately, for many of us it can be too much of a challenge to find an hour every day to sit patiently in a passive salt room.

Active salt rooms -with halogenerators-, called halotherapy, deliver the perfect blend of nature and science, creating the most effective environment.

Our dry halogenerators produce dry NaCl salt aerosol in a non-stop regime, meaning that the salt particles are continuously activated by high speed kinetic energy. This guarantees that the aerosol has maximum influence on allergic mucosa and skin of the patient. It is important to point out that depending on the specifics of the client’s symptoms, the operating regime can be adjusted accordingly.  


What Kind of Salt Should I Use in the Halogenerator?

Only pharmaceutical grade salt can be used in halogenerators without exception.
No Himalayan or Dead Sea salt should be used due to their impurity, metal and mineral content.

Only NaCl dissolves 100% in water and does not stay in the lungs, anything else beside pure NaCL can be very dangerous for the lungs because other minerals and dirt won't dissolve in water and will remain in the respiratory system. Minerals and vitamins are for the digestive system, not for the lungs.

Some salt rooms claim that they use these "exotic" salts for marketing purposes and expose their clients to harm. Other than pharmaceutical grade salt have high moisture and oil content, the halogenerators cannot grind them small enough to have the maximum effect.


Note to North American residents: Before investing in this growing business, make sure that the FDA and your local health authorities authorize your plan.
Be 100% sure that the equipment you purchase is FDA and UL approved, and properly registered to avoid significant losses and fines after opening your business. Always ask the supplier. Unfortunately most equipment on the US and Canadian markets are not registered, tested or approved by either the FDA or UL, which can result in shutting down your business and in hefty fines.

Luckily, unlike in the US, in Europe, Australia, Asia and most of the world salt therapy is an approved form of alternative healt care.

Be aware of companies offering salt room constructions and charge you thousands of dollars for consultation who have not personally built one and have not operated their own at least for a few years. It is worth spending some time to observe how many actual customers enter their establishments to see how well they are doing.

Salt care related businesses have been growing for the past several years and getting more widely known, and proved to be a good idea for startups or additions to an existing one. The most important thing to know is the demographics of the area, and the proper operation before deciding on the type of salt room or other salt therapy equipment.

By not being well prepared, probably you will just make loss and close the business in 12 months as the Salt Room did in New York, in St. Petersburg, FL, and some other places.

At the beginning, it is new so naturally people call and come to visit, but that wears off quickly and the business will depend on the returning customers who come for health reasons.

It is a myth, that otherwise healthy people will come and spend $30.00 - $45.00 just to sit there for lung maintenance. Just ask any real salt room owner about that.

What makes this business a good investment is the common experience that by the end of the second year the customer base usually reaches the adequate number of returning clients to break even, and keeps steadily growing.

Salt therapy and Salt Décor are great ways to improve your home and office as well as to create a healthy environment and stunning design.

Our Eurpean based company has many years of experience in this field to offer you everything you need to know, and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Building a salt room is not a difficult task, rather simple if one follows the basic guidelines and uses common sense. Salt room owners and builders like to create a mythical image in order to sell their “knowledge” for unreasonable fees as consultation.


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