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HaloGenerator / Salt Generators for Salt Rooms


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Sali Vita Ultima

HaloTech Ultima is very sophisticated and durable wall mounted halogenerator with proven technical parameters!

  • Non-stop regime provides continuous flow of live salt throughout the operating time.
  • Virtually free from clogging
  • State of the art mill has numerous blades instead of 4 or 5, operated at a constant high speed all the time, and the salt is circulated by incoming air pressure to guarantee the most effective cutting and thus eliminating salt build up in the chamber.

  • Provides salt aerosol at a very effective level up to 300 square feet.
  • Based on the the room's size the concentration can be conveniently adjusted between 5 and 25 mg/m3.
  • The control unit is separate from the generator unit for comfortable operational purposes.
  • All metal parts made of stainless steel
  • LOWEST sound level
  • Light weight, no special mounting required. Approximately 33 lbs (15kg.)
  • 1 Year warranty backed by us and supported by our European distributors.
  • Since reliability and reputation is extremely important to us, we only use reliable and tested parts manufactured in Europe complying with very strict quality requirements. Thus guaranteeing smooth service and part supply.
  • 110- 220 Volt power transformed to 24V.
  • Low 60-70 Watt power consumption

   Easy Installation!
   Just plug in, no electrician needed.

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  • Powder feed rate: 0 - 300 g/h
  • Powder tank capacity: 200 g
  • Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 60 W
  • Dimensions:
    -Generator 10.2 x 8.3 x 17.5 inch
    -Control unit 10.2 x 4.8 x 8 inch
  • Weight: aerosol g
    -Generator 23 lbs
    -Control unit 10 lbs
  • Wall Mounted

Features "Smart Connect" attachments using industrial strength magnets instead of clumsy and time consuming screws and clamps for easy and quick access to make maintenance simple and safe.

Active vs. Passive Salt Chambers

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In our fast paced society, where it often seems there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we need to do, active salt rooms offer fast and effective results.

Without question, passive salt rooms, also called speleotherapy, have a deep and relaxing impact on people where therapeutic effects can be achieved with patience and consistency over time. Unfortunately, for many of us it can be too much of a challenge to find an hour every day to sit patiently in a passive salt room.

Active salt rooms, called halotherapy, deliver the perfect blend of nature and science.

Our dry halogenerators produce dry NaCl salt aerosol in a non-stop regime, meaning that the salt particles are continuously activated by high speed kinetic energy. This guarantees that the aerosol has maximum influence on allergic mucosa and skin of the patient. It is important to point out that depending on the specifics of the client’s symptoms, the operating regime can be adjusted accordingly.  

Sali Vita Amphora

The most elegant and unique design solution for your salt room!

Celebrate a breakthrough salt delivery system that allows pushing the boundaries of a traditional looking salt rooms by giving space for creativity and more modern approach.

This portable floor model is ideal for new or existing salt rooms without the hassle of installation. Spas, fitness centers and many other health oriented businesses can take advantage of the flexibility that HT Amphora offers. Exclusive combination of functionality and beauty makes HT Amphora powerful equipment as well as an attractive decorative peace.

Sali Vita Vase

The Vase halogenerator is the solution when there is no room for the Classic.

Installed on the inside of the wall
This intelligently designed one of a kind halogenerator is just as capable as the large unit, and beautifully blends into any salt room or cave environment and possible the best solution for salt cabins.
Its separate control unit can be installed both inside and outside of the salt room.



The First and the Only HaloGenerator for Animals

The salt generator for animals is a fantastic way to alleviate your pet’s respiratory problems. It can be used at home, or as part of a veterinary clinic or pet hotel. Often used at horse stables, it’s especially popular in the horse racing and camel racing circuits. For large animals like horses and camels, the Pet Salt Generator has an egress scoop which is secured in front of the animal’s muzzle. When treating dogs or cats, the egress scoop can be placed in front of the pet kennel (crate) door. Simply cover the rest of the kennel with a towel in order to create the dry saline aerosol environment for your pet inside the kennel.

Esagono Salt Cabins

Contact us for details.

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The Salt Room Millenia is now open to the public

Visit us at:
3840 Vineland Rd, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida 32811

Call to schedule your appointment and don't forget to ask about the opening special!


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New Salt Room in Orlando!

New Salt Rooms Coming to Your Area:

- Sarasota, Fl

- Miami - Sali Vita Salt Room - Opening in the spring of 2012

- Pompano Beach, Fl - Sali Vita Salt Room - Grand opening in January


- The Salt Sanctuary Salt Room Cocoa Beach, Florida - www.saltsanctuary.com

- Salt Room Bakersfield - www.thesaltroombakersfield.com


- The Salt Sanctuary in Johnson City, NY


- The Centerville Salt Room in Centerville, Ohio (65 S. Main St.) 937-681-3428

The First and Only "Salt Room" Show Room
Opens in January In Pompano Beach, Fl

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