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Salt Panels & Salt Décor

These panels give you unlimited number of varieties, not to mention that they can be rearranged and are reusable.
By changing the light your room can have many different personalities.

Unique wall panels represent the only truly functional salt room wall decor currently available.  The completely customizable and easily managed panels are composed of large sections of pure, beautiful Himalayan crystal salt.  The jagged protrusions of crystal not only create an artful and unique appearance, but provide a huge surface area unmarred by glue, so that molecules of salt are constantly being absorbed into the air. 
While our top-of-the-line halogenerators are of course able to provide the most precise controlled environment for treatment purposes, experts agree that salt from the Himalayan mountains provides health benefits above and beyond the effects of salt therapy.  The materials and design of our salt rooms truly set us apart in terms of creating a space that can provide the coveted health benefits of a natural salt cave, in and of itself.
Our salt panels enable you to put a significant and effective amount of salt in your room. The net weight of these panels exceed many times the salt applications by using glue, that actually gets absorbed by the salt.

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All Himalayan Salt Room

Salt Décor and Panels are Ideal for:

  • Salt rooms

  • Yoga rooms

  • Massage rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Offices

  • Living rooms

  • Reception areas

  • Waiting rooms

  • And many other places

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All Himalayan salt - Dark panels and Do It Yourself Salt Brick Walls
Benefits of Himalayan Salt Décor:
  • Clean air

  • Negative ion filled room

  • Significantly reduced electric smog

  • Beautiful and unique decoration

  • No corrosive effects

  • Easy and simple installation

  • "Green" organic environment

  • Large amount of salt by weight - like having hundreds of salt lamps in your room

  • Much more salt by weight than conventional salt rooms saturated with glue or water glass

  • Very relaxing affect - Himalayan salt contains trace minerals, same frequency as the human body

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Bed Room with light Himalayan salt panels
Do It Yourself Himalayan Salt Brick Wall
  • Flexible size

  • Build it in hours

  • Resizable

  • Removable

  • Can be relocated

  • Built without glue using our patent pending system

  • 100% organic and chemical free

  • Very large amount of salt by weight - just 2 walls can easily exceed the amount of salt used in a "glued" salt room without using any materials that can be non-benefical for respiratory issues

  • Extremely decorative and effective

  • Easy to replace or change lights behind it

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